Willy Wonka - Ignite Theatre 2024

Roald Dahl’s Willy Wonka

Your golden ticket awaits for Ignite Theatre’s presentation of Roald Dahl’s Willy Wonka, where pure imagination will unfold before your eyes. This timeless tale of the world famous candy man and his quest to find an heir comes to chocolate-covered life, while heralding the themes of humility, resting in contentment rather than pining for more [greediness, gluttony, pride], an others-first attitude, plus a deep appreciation of family. All Sweet values to behold!

Come watch this delectable Broadway musical unwrap on stage, May 22nd to 25th, 2024, at the Hub International Theatre, at the Chilliwack Cultural Centre.

May 22nd to 25th, 2024

Showtimes 2024

Wednesday, May 22nd7:00 pmCast 2
Thursday, May 23rd7:00 pmCast 1
Friday, May 24th7:00 pmCast 1
Saturday, May 25th1:00 pmCast 1
Saturday, May 25th7:00 pmCast 2

Cast List Coming Soon... Rehearsals are happening!

Student NameCast 1 Character(s)Cast 2 Character(s)
Abigail Van BiertWolf, Villager, KnifeChiplette, Cup
Adam DonaldsonFlower Seller, Salt ShakerCrony, Wolf, Knife
Aly WelchCogsworthWolf, Villager
Andrea VisscherBookseller, KnifeVillager, Knife, Bedpost
Annie AllisonLefouNapkin
Benjamin Van BiertTavern Master, KnifeWolf, Knife
Bethany FreebairnVillager, Napkin, GargoyleCogsworth
Cade BruneskiVillagerBeast
Chloe DanekMarie, Napkin, BedpostSilly Girl, Plate
Christoph CodlingHat Seller, KnifeMonsieur D’Arque, Wolf, Cheese Grater
Dawson KnowlesFork, GateTavern Master, Fork
Delaney DavisWolf, Villager, KnifeMadame De La Grande Bouché
Drew AllisonPlateGaston
Elinor HammersmarkMilkmaid, SpoonSpoon, Bedpost
Elizabeth EsauMadame De La Grande BouchéSilly Girl, Knife
Ella LafleurLaundry Lady, ForkChip
Emily PetersMrs. PottsVillager, Spoon, Gargoyle
Erik HammersmarkWolf, ForkBaker, Fork, Gate
Fiona RachelSausage Curl Girl, SpoonCrony, Napkin
Fraser WiebeCrony, PlateCrony, Plate
Jessica ZylstraCrony, SpoonEnchantress, Laundry Lady, Napkin
Juliette LafleurVillager, SpoonShepherd, Cup
Kaitlyn StahlBabetteWolf, Villager, Fork
Kate MartinVillager, CupMilkmaid, Spoon
Karis LafleurChiplette, Cup, FootstoolVillager, Knife, Footstool
Lydia VisscherChipVillager, Salt Shaker
Malcolm RachelMauriceWolf, Villager, Fork
Marshall BrownLumiereVillager, Fork
Max MartinGastonPlate
Micah LemkeCandlemaker, PlateLefou
Michael HackettBeastPrince Adam, Villager, Spoon
Mikiah Van BiertBelleNapkin, Bedpost
Molly StuartSilly Girl, PlateCandlemaker, Napkin
Nate Van BiertCrony, Wolf, Gargoyle, Cheese GraterWolf, Plate, Gargoyle
Nathan EsauBaker, Pepper ShakerVillager, Candelabra
Noah HackettShepherd, Wolf, PlateMaurice
Noël LemkeSilly Girl, NapkinMrs Potts
Payten WhittomeSilly Girl, NapkinBabette
Sarah MartinNapkin, BedpostSausage Curl Girl, Spoon
Sawyer DavisVillager, CandelabraFlower Seller, Pepper Shaker
Skyla McConnellEnchantress, Wolf, Villager, SpoonWolf, Napkin, Bedpost
Sophie BouchardVillager, Fork, BedpostBelle
Spencer DanekPrince Adam, Villager, ForkLumiere
Stephen EsauMonsieur D’Arque, SpatulaHat Seller, Candelabra
Sydney BruneskiWolf, Napkin, BedpostSilly Girl, Plate
Zac OlofsonCandelabra, BookcaseBookseller, Spatula

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Adult: $27
Student/Senior $22

Check back soon for PAC Discounts (HCOS students only)


The HUB International Theatre
at the Chilliwack Cultural Centre

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