Our Classes

Learning Groups, a department of Heritage Christian Online School (HCOS), offers two theatre tracks in the Lower Mainland. Our recreation track, SPARKS (grades 2-7), empowers students to explore the world of musical theatre. Our IGNITE THEATRE classes make up our performance-based track, designed for students in Grades 5 to 12 to develop and hone their musical theatre skills.

Interested students should join our waiting pool for future consideration. As space becomes available the Coordinator will email families with application information for HCOS Ignite Theatre CC+ & Sparks CC classes.



Ignite Theatre is designed for students in Grades 5 – 12 to be immersed in our performance track of musical theatre instruction…


SPARKS is designed for students in Grades 2 – 7 to develop their God-given gifts and strengthen their performing arts skills in a fun and engaging environment…
IGNITE Theatre Shows

Ignite Theatre is designed for students in Grades 5 – 12 to be immersed in our performance track of musical theatre instruction, as they commit to a high standard of excellence from the acting, singing, and choreography to the costumes and impressive set design. Our main goal at Ignite Theatre is to develop our students’ God-given gifts to achieve excellence in the performing arts, to His glory. We teach foundational performing arts concepts in a professional, yet fun and engaging atmosphere, to stretch our students creatively while building their confidence. Our rehearsals run on Wednesdays mornings through the school year. Our educational community of committed students, talented instructors and amazing parents feel like family, and together we create stellar musical theatre performances with impressive costumes and set design, to our audience’s delight.

Courses Covered

As we are an HCOS Community Connections + Class, students receive grades for the work they complete in their Ignite Theatre CC+ courses, which cover the content and core competencies of the BC Curriculum. For our Grade 5 to 9 students, they will receive a grade for both their Arts Education and Career Education courses. For students in our Grad Program, they will fulfil the requirements of Ignite Musical Theatre 10/11/12, which qualifies for their Fine Arts Elective.


Each week students receive a homework email from our Directing Team, which is aimed at reinforcing what is being learned in class, as well as to prepare our students for the next rehearsal or any upcoming assignments. Students will be expected to memorize their blocking and lines, along with refining their singing and choreography at home each week. Students are equipped with full access to our virtual orchestra show accompaniment, along with choreography videos and harmony audio files to support their learning.

Parental Volunteer Involvement

Ignite Theatre is a family project-based learning on a grand scale. Our parents are the backbone of our theatre, and our unsung heroes. One parent from each family is expected to put in volunteer hours throughout the year AND during our Theatre Week, as many hands make light work. Your involvement is CRUCIAL to the success and excellence of our production.
SPARKS Theatre Shows
The SPARKS program aims to develop students’ God-given gifts and strengthen their performing arts skills in a fun and engaging environment. SPARKS is our recreational performing arts track, where students in grades 2 to 7 can explore their love of musical theatre without substantial parent volunteer responsibility for producing sets, costumes, props, etc. Our focus is solely on the students performing together on stage. Our rehearsals run on Wednesday mornings, October to March.

Past SPARKS shows

The Jungle Book KIDS (2020)
Willy Wonka KIDS (2021)
Seussical Kids (2022)
Annie Kids (2023)

Parent Volunteer Involvement

For our students to be successful, they do require the assistance of their parents/caregivers helping them to read, learn, and memorize all their lines and music. Our students need to practice their lines, newly learned choreography and melodies for each of the songs as outlined in the weekly homework email. YOU are a key piece of the learning puzzle.

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